Tuesday, October 25, 2005

No Words

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I would like to thank each and everyone of you who posted a commenting my blog with regards to the Media Village's Cable Awards. It was fun putting the pictures together and its good to know that they is someone who appreciated it. So I thank you again for that.

Things are moving on as normal at Media Village. I am enjoying the 3D School though I must admit it is a bit strenuous on the mind. One needs a lot of concentration which if you know me is not one of my biggest attributes. My mind is gifted in diverting to so many places of my fantasies. I guess one needs to practice self discipline so I am sure I will manage this school.

So all is normal at this side of the world except for a few things that leave me at a loss for words. For one the Western Cape has had an increase in the number of abductions of children. Of lately a lot of the abducted children have been recovered. However one's heart goes out to the families of those whose children have not been accounted for.

Another important thingy (pardon my dodgey English) is the racism factor and discrimination. A black judge in the last week had been accused of uttering derogatory words to a white lawyer. This alleged incident spiraled into an unprecedented debate in different sectors of society. Counter accusations of who is to blame are being thrown from all directions. In the same week the Western Cape Premier had been accused of racism as he fired some of his council workers asking them to re apply for their work. Reasons for firing them is based on the fact that the Western Cape working community did not reflect the racial demographics of the Province. The statistics have it that the so called colored people are a bigger majority followed closely by blacks and eventually somewhere there in the lower numbers whites. Please note I am touching the surface on this subject hence there is much more to this story of which I can not go indepth.

I am not in any way trying to pick sides or to put anyone in bad light. If anything all these incidents have lead me to one conclusion about the situation in the Western Cape. That racism is still thick in the air despite the fact that the majority pretentiously live as if it does not exist. They is so much one can go into in seeking a solution. Ultimately it boils down to each and every person making a conscious decision to fight racism and discrimination in them. At the same time making a point that people do not base their lives or crucial decisions on the race or tribal view. Of course this can be debated indepth specifically if you start looking at addressing the imbalances cause pre 1994. I just hope that every single person in South Africa deals with this issue personally and aim for a better diverse country. After all we should be celebrating each other's diversities instead of fighting it. I have not much to say for now. I have a lot to say with regards to this subject at a later stage. If you have any views or comments please do drop me a comment and let me know.

kEEp iT tIgHT4rEAl


Monday, October 10, 2005

Cable Awards Pictures



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okaY thatS a gLImPSE oF tHE eVENing hOPe yoU lIKEd THe pIcTUreS....kEEp iT tIgHT 4rEAL


Friday, September 30, 2005

The End

SVP has finally come to an end and all the students have left to face new challenges of their lives. Cable Awards was grand as always. Thanks to each and everyone of you that came and from your feedback sounds like you had an awesome time.

It was fun doing cable Awards from an organizational side. I had fun...Mmmmmmmm was nervous that things would have gone wrong but hey... All turned out for the best so that was super cool.

One end marks a beginning. So while SVP has come to an end and my role as head of Production along with it. A new beginning dawns. As from next week I will be a student again doing the animation school. I am excited and slightly nervous. I hope all works out. We will see how this turns out.

It was good seeing all of you who came. Thanks for your prayers and support. I will throw in some Cable Awards pictures for you soon. Keep it Tight 4Real.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Almost at an End

This is our last week of SVP. This coming Saturday we are having the Cable Awards to sum up the school. One would expect things to be slowing down. However that is not the situation. On the contrary things are heating up as we speak (I mean as you read). Students are rounding up their projects. I am running like a headless chicken just to make sure everything goes according to plan. All the same I am loving it yet at the same time I can not wait to see SVP come to an end.

Next time I post a post it would be after Cable Awards. Unless if some unseen forces of the unknown prompt me to do so. Otherwise watch this spot for pictures and all that would have happen during Cable Awards.

KeeP It tiGht 4rEAL


Saturday, September 10, 2005


The School of Video Production(SVP) is slowly but surely coming to an end. As we speak the students are working on their last projects. This time they have been placed in teams of at least up to four people with specific roles. For example, Producer, Editor, Cameraman(or woman to be politically correct) and Script Writing. These are some of the roles that the students see themselves in after having going through an intensive time of studying and mastering the art of Videography and Film making.

In two weeks time we will be having SVP graduation popularly know as Cable Awards. I am looking forward with such excitement as we also celebrating ten years of this school running. I guess this is the only time I get to spot a tie as it is a black tie event. The Awards ceremony is taking place at the Baxter Theater. I will keep you posted or at least give you an account of what took place at these awards in my next post.

For now Keep it Tight 4Real.............


Saturday, August 27, 2005


It has been a while since I posted a newsletter on my blog. As expected this has been one of the busiest times at Media Village. However everyone at the Village is up for the challenge.

Just to refresh your mind. We are currently running a Video Production School. This school encompasses all the three stages of production (i.e.Pre Production to Production and Post Production). I am heading the Post Production Department for this school under the watchful eye of the head of all Productions, Adrian. We have about 23 students from all over the world just going through the intensities and intricacies of the Video and film world.
Last week the students finished their first project which is a three minute Soft News piece and currently they are working on their adverts (Public Service Announcements:PSA). I must say its always exciting to see the progression of each individual from knowing nothing into producing, shooting and eventually editing their own film. That gives me such great fulfillment.

I guess the biggest challenge for me would be to at least get all of them to be efficient Editors by the end of the school. Efficient enough to enter any Production House in the world and start editing. Well for me what̢۪s even more exciting is the fact that all this is coming out of Africa. Think about it with all the negativity associated with Africa its very refreshing to see something positive come out of this continent. The Tranformation Day of Prayer is one of them .....now talk of Africa being a dark continent....Okay I am going off the tangent now.

We still have a couple of weeks left before the school ends and the big graduation ceremony aptly called the Cable Awards takes place. Cable Awards is when we have a little Oscar Wards ceremony were we get to celebrate the students' work for the last 3 months. So I am inviting you to join us on the 24th of September, 1930hrs at the Baxter Theater Main Road, Rondebosch. It is a black tie event so dress up or should I say dress to kill. If you are around Cape Town on that day please do contact in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements. I will give out all my contact details at the end of this letter....

Otherwise thank you so much for your support and prayers. Please pray for me I am considering doing the Animation School coming up at the beginning of October. So I need finances to that regard. All the same do email me anytime and let me know how you keeping I would love to hear from you.....

God Bless and Keep it Tight 4REAL...................

Nkanyiso Ncube


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landline: +27 21 788 9296
email: nktalks@gmail.com


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Life is Beautiful

Greetings earthling, well I guess to anyone who cares to read about the junk happening in my life (Oh!!! Junk is a good term.....Slang equivalent to cool. So don't cringe reading that). I have not posted an entry for a while. They are a combination of factors that have contributed to my lack of zeal in putting fingers on the keyboard and typing. I have been to Zimbabwe and came back. Worked on a couple of projects and mastered them. At the moment we running a Video Production School and I have been made to head the Post Production Department. At the same time I am working on projects that need to be finished before the second coming of Christ. Given the fact that no one 'knows the day or the hour' it could be any time. Hence the urgency with which I have to finish all my projects. So that obviously means my time to cope with all that I so wish I could do has been cut short. I have made it a point though that I at least strive to balance my life out in the midst of all this work. I absolutely love it.

So that in a nut shell has been my life in weeks that have gone by. So much has happened good and bad like we have come to know life to be. Hence I have been left to contemplate what life is. So much has come to my life all of which can now be deemed cliches. These are some of the cliches that have run in my mind on what life is:

Life is like a box is chocolate....(yea!! yea!! You probably know the rest)
Life is like a lemon, sour.
Life is wonderful.
Life sucks.
Life's a b#@&....(fill the gaps)
Life is a gift from God.
Life is not the amount of breathes you take but the moments that take your breathes away. (Got this one fron the movie 'Hitch' starring Will Smith)

Okay I guess you catch my drift. In other-words with so much happening within a space of 24 hrs in all the days that we spend in our lives. It is only natural that we go through so many conflicting emotions. That strangest thing though is we tend to focus on the negative feelings and forget the positive. Looking at my own life I guess I can only come to one conclusion on what life is despite the negative that clouds the positive from time to time. That conclusion being: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. If you have watched a movie with that title (Starring Roberto Benigni) I am sure that despite its tragic ending you left gasping these words, "Life is Beautiful". Thank you again for your support and your prayers. I greatly appreciate them. God Bless and Keep it Tight 4Real....


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Global Day of Prayer a Success

This Sunday the 15th (which also happened to be Pentecostal Sunday) was the Global Day of Prayer. Yep!!!! The world humbled its self before God and prayed. What an awesome feeling knowing that I was part of a prayer movement that started here in Cape Town and spread like a wild fire through out Africa over the last five years has gone global am so blessed to know I am part of his historic occasion.

Its so funny because when one is seating in the editing suite and working on documenting all prayer events that have transpired across Africa you are so unaware of the bigger picture. Well on Sunday the 15th as the world prayed the picture became much more clearer to me. I was at Newlands stadium with the rest of at least 30 000 over of other people who came to pray. I had the privileged of seating in the media suite as it all happened. So I could see what was happening on the TV and of course the live event at the stadium. It was so heart warming watching some of the inserts that we as Media Village packaged for the live broadcast that was beamed to the world on different TV channels. It goes to show that one can play a big part in the transformation of God's people in this world.

I had the honor of being invited to an early breakfast the day after the prayer event with Graham Power. Graham Power is the man who had the vision of having people pray for their land. His vision has since (as already indicated) spread from a stadium in Cape Town, to the rest of South Africa, then Africa itself and now the whole globe. It was so encouraging to her the statistics of people who prayed all over the world and how different parts of the world and community had been transformed. If you need more information and testimonials from various countries you can check out the website http://www.globaldayofprayer.com/news

Otherwise I am greatly honored to part of God's work and to be part of the Transformation process. God Bless you all. Thanks for you prayers and support. Keep it Tight 4Real.....

Friday, May 06, 2005

Flirting with SABC

Looks like at the moment we doing a lot of work for SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation. We still doing some work for one of the production houses commissioned to run a program called 3:16. This program is run on SABC 2 every Sunday at 9am. I have edited at least 3 inserts for them. Currently working on another which a story on Media Village and our Executive Producer,Diane Vermooten. Its always exciting to do small productions that will eventually be broadcast on TV.

The big productions which we are currently working on is on the massive prayer day (15 of May 2005). Transformation Africa prayer movement is going global this year. it promises to be one of the biggest prayer days ever. Not only are all African countries going to be involved but other countries around the world will be involve this time. Media Village is taking the responsibility of run the live broadcast on the actually day. This broadcast will go to various TV stations including SABC 2, TBN, God TV and so on. The broadcast will start at 1300 hrs so if you next to a TV set and you not in a prayer gathering you can watch it. It's such a great honour to be given the responsibility of be part of this day though Television work. However having the responsibility of running this broadcast spells one thing for Media Village stuff (or is it staff), it spells 'high levels of lunacy'. Its like a mad house this side as we edit various inserts that will be shown on the day. All other departments in the bulding are geared towards Transformation day. So we would greatly appreciate your prayers to this regard.

All the same thank you so much for your support. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks to those who have given me feed back. If you have any personal questions about anything do email me God Bless and Keep it Tight.


Friday, April 08, 2005

News 4Real

DTS.com 2005 Media Village Posted by Hello
The past few months have flown so fast like a rocket down here at Media Village. It is only 3 months go that we had students coming through to do DTS and only last week we saw them off for outreach. Yep!!! That's how fast time goes. So the DTS for 2005 (pictured on top) are on outreach for the next 3 months. The team has been divided into two groups. One will be doing outreach in Johannesburg and Lesotho and the other team will be in Durban and the surrounding areas.

I must say I miss these guys a lot and they are definitely my favorite DTS to come through Media Village. YWAM is definitely the best place to be but at times the most sad. It is always great meeting new people and building great friendships with them. It is sad, however, when those very people have to go. So that is how I feel about the guys who just finished the lecture phase of their DTS.

Well with the departure of the DTS they is the arrival new students are two schools running at the moment namely the writing school and the Communications Schools. The picture below is some of the students part of these two schools. These two schools is a nice blend of Europeans, Americans and Africans. Gosh we have half the United nations with us. We are definitely blessed.

2005 Posted by Hello
This is the blessing of YWAM were you get to met new interesting people from different cultures and backgrounds. I must say it is definitely a previledge. So from the training side that is what is happening at Media Village.

On the production side the last month I finished editing a project called Coronation which was produced by my sweet friend Sarah Thomas (I pray she doesn't find out I called her sweet she might start getting ideas I am a softy). Coronation is a group of business people (I think they are called fund managers) who deal with funds and all that boring stuff. They basically came up with an initiative were they teach women in disadvantaged communities like Khayelitsha how to strategically market their garden produce(i.e vegetables) and make a living out of them. So we did a video for them basically showing the methodologies they are using to make this project a success.

At the moment I am editing an insert for a Television program on SABC 2 Sunday morning called 3:16. I am working with Bart Love (from Zimbabwe) whose producing it and this happens to be his first project and his very excited. This insert is about a magician called Nick (sorry I forget his surname) who goes around the street doing some magic tricks to the public just like the famous magician David Blaine. The twist of the story is that he is a Christian and uses every opportunity he gets to share God's word through his magic. I will let you know when this will be aired on SABC if you interested. Just let me know if you are interested. We still have to courier the offline to Johannesburg for the producers of 3:16 to validate it before we do an online.

Pretty soon we will be going full scale in preparation for the live broadcast of one of the biggest prayer days in our history called Transformation Africa. We are packaging all the programs and inserts that will be shown live on the 15th of May during the live broadcast. So I will greatly appreciate your prayers especially for my executive producer Diane Vermoteen who has to see to it that this day will be a success.

Well enough has been said. As promised in the email I sent you this me now. So if you have not seen me in a long time this is how I look. So brace your self................

It doesn't get any doggier, hey Posted by Hello
Mmmmmmmmm I guess I have changed then. All the same thank you for taking time to read. God Bless you. Thank you again for your friendship and support.



Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Life and Times of Absolute Truth

One of my favorite rock bands besides U2 is Tree 63. This band has a CD called: 'The Life and Times of Absolute Truth'. I love Tree 63's music and find it so relevant to the times we live in. I have at least two CDs of this band and the other one is titled 'King of Kings' I got it for free after having subscribed to one of my favorite magazines called 'Truth'. I am sure by now you have figured out I have a fascination for the word 'truth'. True!!!! I do have a fascination for the word 'truth' but more importantly I have a fascination for the truth its self.

I guess the main reason being 'the truth' is what most of us are seeking. That's exactly why I work in the video and radio industry, to know the truth and make it known. What truth? You may ask. My answer is simple, the truth that I am referring to is the one that you seek in-order to make sense to life's questions. Questions ranging from the difficult like, 'What is the meaning of life?'. To simple questions like, 'Is is wrong to listen to a song that has swear words in it?' (Mmmmmmm....Come to think of it that might be a complicated question to some). Ultimately we are all seeking the truth one way or the other
and the truth is not 'out there' as we have been lead to believe. The truth is standing right in front of you almost tempted to slap you on the face because you looking past it.

"So what is the truth? If its standing right in front of me why can I not see it ???????" If you have read this article up to this point you might be asking those questions. Maybe you already know the answers. If you do know the answers to the 'truth' you need not bother visiting my site again. However if do not know it or you seek to have a deeper understanding of it and you have a passion to make the truth known, please do frequently check out my site and join me as we seek the truth so as to have a deeper understanding of it and make it known to the ignorant. The truth of 'The life and Times of Absolute Truth' is exactly the reason why I am working in the media industry. To make the truth known to masses as I seek it myself.

Please do support me in my work in any way possible in seeking and making the truth known. Thank you again for your prayers and support. Keep it Tight 4Real.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Passion Of Christ

This morning my boss Graham Vermoteen spoke about his recent visit to America were he had gone to a Broadcasters meeting. In that meeting Mel Gibson the director of the movie "The Passion of the Christ" was honoured for making that movie. I hear he got a standing ovation and rightly so.

In his speech he mentioned the fact that since the movie had been shoot they have received tons of letters from all the world as people gave their feedback. Interestingly enough, he added, they still have not managed to get through half of the letters that they have received. The letters that they have managed to get through one thing that comes out oftein about the movie is the amount of violence in it. Hence as an Easter special they have cut out half the stuff that is deemed too violent. Well thats subject to debate I guess.

The reason why I write about this is just to remind you the great significance of Easter. The death of Christ for us. Forget the easter bunny, easter eggs and all that mumbo jambo. However you would want to look at Christ death the fact is it was the most gruesome and inhumane tortue that an individual has had to go through. All this as you probably know was just to save our own beacon.

Despite all this Christ conqured death and rose again. Whatever theories archiologist or the other, have come out with in qualifiying or disputing his resurrection. All that matters is the facts that only the heart can comprehend through faith. The fact that he died for us and rose again. So this Easter let it not just be another occasion that you take time out of work and do the normal easter routine of going to church or munching your Easter eggs like they is no tomorrow. Let it be a time that you apply the victory of his death and resurrection to all aspects of your life.

You have yourself a God filled and celebratory Easter. Keep it Tight 4real.


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Internet Blues

I would like o sencerely apologise for not updating my blog in a long time. I have not had access to the internet for a long time and only got it recently.

It all started with someone downloding or using our internet space without our permission. Basically we run out of Gigs in the shortest time imaginable. Trust me losing 6 gigs of internet space is a hack of a lot. I guess someone got hold of our passwords and did what any Jack would do, "Go on a shopping spree". Well in this case download major league DATA.

So if you thought I was being anti social I hope you understand and forgive me. They is tons of unread emails I have to go through so I will be doing that in the next few days. Hopefully in the process I will be able to reply yours promptly.

Otherwise you Keep it Tight 4Real. Thank you again for being part of my life. God Bless


Thursday, January 27, 2005


Thought I give you guys a quick update on the Media Village team which went to South East Asia to gather information on the Tsunami Disaster. The information is to be used to mobiles various Christians who have a want to go and offer their services building up the countries affected by Tsunami disaster. We have mobiles more 100 volunteers who have vast experience and practical skills needed to build up and help Tsunami victims.

The team came back on Wednesday looking very tired with a lot of stories to tell. Sad stories I might add..... We have a lot of footage so the Post Production team of which I am part of will soon be working on it. We will be editing stories to show the aftermath of stories which will shown different communities. Volunteers will be much more informed on what to expect and what their services will entail once they get to Asia. They are so many Aid organizations in Asia helping out in response to this sad disaster. The danger however is as soon as media attention shifts from Tsunami, so will be some of the Aid organizations sationed in that continent. I will not be surprised if the missionaries, as been experienced in the past disaster, are left behind to finish the work. So it is of paramount importance that we pray that as media attention shifts we will still have people working and helping our fellow brothers and sisters. As I always say the best way to give your whole being in helping others, is to put yourself in the situation and imagine your family members in the same situation. I am sure you will be so moved pray even harder than you have ever done before. Trust me I have done that before.

I will greatly appreciate your prayers. Thanks for to all who emailed me and left comment in appreciation of the Blog. I greatly appreciate that. Hope to hear from you soon. KEEP IT TIGHT 4REAL


Sunday, January 16, 2005

Fire and Water

Boyes Drive Fire Posted by Hello
In the past few days we have seen fires erupting from different parts of Cape Town. As seen in the picture above one of the fires that hit Boyes Drive right above were I live. Strong winds fanned a fire a few days after above the Lakeside area in the Southern Peninsula. I believe people had to be evacuated and some of the houses in the area burnt down.

To add on to the misery of fires. The iol news agency also reported the death of an unidentified infant on Saturday as runaway fires swept through several informal settlement zones in Langa outside Cape Town. At Muizenberg a fire which has been burning intermittently since Thursday and which had destroyed about 2000 hectares of fynbos was also contained, with final damping down operations underway on Saturday night.

Adding to the woes of Cape Town is the water shortages which ha since seen the council putting strict rule on Water usaged. For example you can not water your garden any time you feel like it. They are times which have been scheduled for that failure to do so resulting with on the spot hefty fine. In one way or the other I fully back the council's initiatives as the situation is highly critical. Hopefully soon the situation will improve and all will get to normal.

Okay that's the news on my side. Drop me a comment and let me know what you getting up to. KEEP IT TIGHT 4REAL.


Friday, January 14, 2005


nkrocks baby Posted by Hello
Hope you doing great in all aspects of your life. Okay I have procrastinated this for a while now. I have been meaning to start a personal blog were I can keep you guys abreast on what's happening in my life. So "Walla!!!!!!!!!!!! Here goes something. I will be posting all vasts of information that I deem necessary for 'touching base purposes. So pop into this website anytime you feel like you miss me. Thank you so much for taking time to check out this site. Please drop me a comment on this site and give me your views or just let me know what you getting up to. I will respond is necessary. To post a comment just click on comment (which is next to tracker} at the end of each post and then type your fingers away. God Bless you....

KEEP IT TIGHT 4 REAL...............

Tsunami Disaster Posted by Hello

This a bit of news from Media Village in response to the Tsunami disaster. Our team flew to Asia this morning to lend their hand:

Graham, our CEO, is leading an advance team to Sri Lanka right now and then on to Indonesia. The team consists of a journalist (Inge Verster), a photographer (Debra Bell) and a videographer & sound person (Butho Ncube). The reason for taking this team is to assess the needs on the ground in order to plan the effective sending of manpower and finances, and to supply stories back to all our supporters, radio stations, magazines, etc.

Media Village Team Posted by Hello
At present, we are talking to major church leaders in Indonesia and will meet some key contacts in Singapore. After the team's visit, the Coalition of the South Africa Joint Christian Response (which Graham coordinates) will know where to focus their attention.

We will help anybody who needs help, regardless of race or religion but we are committed to channel our money and efforts through the Christian community on the ground.

Our commitment is to keep all overheads to a minimum and make sure that all donations are directly used for the relief effort. The fund we have set up will be administered through the Transformation Office and will be audited by the auditing company Moore Rowland.

Okay that's the news from this part o the world. God Bless you and thank you so much for your prayers and support. Keep it tight 4REAL.....


Wednesday, January 12, 2005