Tuesday, October 25, 2005

No Words

SOURCE: The image in its original context on the page: glks.ipk-gatersleben.de/ home.php

I would like to thank each and everyone of you who posted a commenting my blog with regards to the Media Village's Cable Awards. It was fun putting the pictures together and its good to know that they is someone who appreciated it. So I thank you again for that.

Things are moving on as normal at Media Village. I am enjoying the 3D School though I must admit it is a bit strenuous on the mind. One needs a lot of concentration which if you know me is not one of my biggest attributes. My mind is gifted in diverting to so many places of my fantasies. I guess one needs to practice self discipline so I am sure I will manage this school.

So all is normal at this side of the world except for a few things that leave me at a loss for words. For one the Western Cape has had an increase in the number of abductions of children. Of lately a lot of the abducted children have been recovered. However one's heart goes out to the families of those whose children have not been accounted for.

Another important thingy (pardon my dodgey English) is the racism factor and discrimination. A black judge in the last week had been accused of uttering derogatory words to a white lawyer. This alleged incident spiraled into an unprecedented debate in different sectors of society. Counter accusations of who is to blame are being thrown from all directions. In the same week the Western Cape Premier had been accused of racism as he fired some of his council workers asking them to re apply for their work. Reasons for firing them is based on the fact that the Western Cape working community did not reflect the racial demographics of the Province. The statistics have it that the so called colored people are a bigger majority followed closely by blacks and eventually somewhere there in the lower numbers whites. Please note I am touching the surface on this subject hence there is much more to this story of which I can not go indepth.

I am not in any way trying to pick sides or to put anyone in bad light. If anything all these incidents have lead me to one conclusion about the situation in the Western Cape. That racism is still thick in the air despite the fact that the majority pretentiously live as if it does not exist. They is so much one can go into in seeking a solution. Ultimately it boils down to each and every person making a conscious decision to fight racism and discrimination in them. At the same time making a point that people do not base their lives or crucial decisions on the race or tribal view. Of course this can be debated indepth specifically if you start looking at addressing the imbalances cause pre 1994. I just hope that every single person in South Africa deals with this issue personally and aim for a better diverse country. After all we should be celebrating each other's diversities instead of fighting it. I have not much to say for now. I have a lot to say with regards to this subject at a later stage. If you have any views or comments please do drop me a comment and let me know.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Cable Awards Pictures



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