Thursday, January 27, 2005


Thought I give you guys a quick update on the Media Village team which went to South East Asia to gather information on the Tsunami Disaster. The information is to be used to mobiles various Christians who have a want to go and offer their services building up the countries affected by Tsunami disaster. We have mobiles more 100 volunteers who have vast experience and practical skills needed to build up and help Tsunami victims.

The team came back on Wednesday looking very tired with a lot of stories to tell. Sad stories I might add..... We have a lot of footage so the Post Production team of which I am part of will soon be working on it. We will be editing stories to show the aftermath of stories which will shown different communities. Volunteers will be much more informed on what to expect and what their services will entail once they get to Asia. They are so many Aid organizations in Asia helping out in response to this sad disaster. The danger however is as soon as media attention shifts from Tsunami, so will be some of the Aid organizations sationed in that continent. I will not be surprised if the missionaries, as been experienced in the past disaster, are left behind to finish the work. So it is of paramount importance that we pray that as media attention shifts we will still have people working and helping our fellow brothers and sisters. As I always say the best way to give your whole being in helping others, is to put yourself in the situation and imagine your family members in the same situation. I am sure you will be so moved pray even harder than you have ever done before. Trust me I have done that before.

I will greatly appreciate your prayers. Thanks for to all who emailed me and left comment in appreciation of the Blog. I greatly appreciate that. Hope to hear from you soon. KEEP IT TIGHT 4REAL


Sunday, January 16, 2005

Fire and Water

Boyes Drive Fire Posted by Hello
In the past few days we have seen fires erupting from different parts of Cape Town. As seen in the picture above one of the fires that hit Boyes Drive right above were I live. Strong winds fanned a fire a few days after above the Lakeside area in the Southern Peninsula. I believe people had to be evacuated and some of the houses in the area burnt down.

To add on to the misery of fires. The iol news agency also reported the death of an unidentified infant on Saturday as runaway fires swept through several informal settlement zones in Langa outside Cape Town. At Muizenberg a fire which has been burning intermittently since Thursday and which had destroyed about 2000 hectares of fynbos was also contained, with final damping down operations underway on Saturday night.

Adding to the woes of Cape Town is the water shortages which ha since seen the council putting strict rule on Water usaged. For example you can not water your garden any time you feel like it. They are times which have been scheduled for that failure to do so resulting with on the spot hefty fine. In one way or the other I fully back the council's initiatives as the situation is highly critical. Hopefully soon the situation will improve and all will get to normal.

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Friday, January 14, 2005


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Hope you doing great in all aspects of your life. Okay I have procrastinated this for a while now. I have been meaning to start a personal blog were I can keep you guys abreast on what's happening in my life. So "Walla!!!!!!!!!!!! Here goes something. I will be posting all vasts of information that I deem necessary for 'touching base purposes. So pop into this website anytime you feel like you miss me. Thank you so much for taking time to check out this site. Please drop me a comment on this site and give me your views or just let me know what you getting up to. I will respond is necessary. To post a comment just click on comment (which is next to tracker} at the end of each post and then type your fingers away. God Bless you....

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Tsunami Disaster Posted by Hello

This a bit of news from Media Village in response to the Tsunami disaster. Our team flew to Asia this morning to lend their hand:

Graham, our CEO, is leading an advance team to Sri Lanka right now and then on to Indonesia. The team consists of a journalist (Inge Verster), a photographer (Debra Bell) and a videographer & sound person (Butho Ncube). The reason for taking this team is to assess the needs on the ground in order to plan the effective sending of manpower and finances, and to supply stories back to all our supporters, radio stations, magazines, etc.

Media Village Team Posted by Hello
At present, we are talking to major church leaders in Indonesia and will meet some key contacts in Singapore. After the team's visit, the Coalition of the South Africa Joint Christian Response (which Graham coordinates) will know where to focus their attention.

We will help anybody who needs help, regardless of race or religion but we are committed to channel our money and efforts through the Christian community on the ground.

Our commitment is to keep all overheads to a minimum and make sure that all donations are directly used for the relief effort. The fund we have set up will be administered through the Transformation Office and will be audited by the auditing company Moore Rowland.

Okay that's the news from this part o the world. God Bless you and thank you so much for your prayers and support. Keep it tight 4REAL.....


Wednesday, January 12, 2005