Friday, April 08, 2005

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The past few months have flown so fast like a rocket down here at Media Village. It is only 3 months go that we had students coming through to do DTS and only last week we saw them off for outreach. Yep!!! That's how fast time goes. So the DTS for 2005 (pictured on top) are on outreach for the next 3 months. The team has been divided into two groups. One will be doing outreach in Johannesburg and Lesotho and the other team will be in Durban and the surrounding areas.

I must say I miss these guys a lot and they are definitely my favorite DTS to come through Media Village. YWAM is definitely the best place to be but at times the most sad. It is always great meeting new people and building great friendships with them. It is sad, however, when those very people have to go. So that is how I feel about the guys who just finished the lecture phase of their DTS.

Well with the departure of the DTS they is the arrival new students are two schools running at the moment namely the writing school and the Communications Schools. The picture below is some of the students part of these two schools. These two schools is a nice blend of Europeans, Americans and Africans. Gosh we have half the United nations with us. We are definitely blessed.

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This is the blessing of YWAM were you get to met new interesting people from different cultures and backgrounds. I must say it is definitely a previledge. So from the training side that is what is happening at Media Village.

On the production side the last month I finished editing a project called Coronation which was produced by my sweet friend Sarah Thomas (I pray she doesn't find out I called her sweet she might start getting ideas I am a softy). Coronation is a group of business people (I think they are called fund managers) who deal with funds and all that boring stuff. They basically came up with an initiative were they teach women in disadvantaged communities like Khayelitsha how to strategically market their garden produce(i.e vegetables) and make a living out of them. So we did a video for them basically showing the methodologies they are using to make this project a success.

At the moment I am editing an insert for a Television program on SABC 2 Sunday morning called 3:16. I am working with Bart Love (from Zimbabwe) whose producing it and this happens to be his first project and his very excited. This insert is about a magician called Nick (sorry I forget his surname) who goes around the street doing some magic tricks to the public just like the famous magician David Blaine. The twist of the story is that he is a Christian and uses every opportunity he gets to share God's word through his magic. I will let you know when this will be aired on SABC if you interested. Just let me know if you are interested. We still have to courier the offline to Johannesburg for the producers of 3:16 to validate it before we do an online.

Pretty soon we will be going full scale in preparation for the live broadcast of one of the biggest prayer days in our history called Transformation Africa. We are packaging all the programs and inserts that will be shown live on the 15th of May during the live broadcast. So I will greatly appreciate your prayers especially for my executive producer Diane Vermoteen who has to see to it that this day will be a success.

Well enough has been said. As promised in the email I sent you this me now. So if you have not seen me in a long time this is how I look. So brace your self................

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Mmmmmmmmm I guess I have changed then. All the same thank you for taking time to read. God Bless you. Thank you again for your friendship and support.



Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Life and Times of Absolute Truth

One of my favorite rock bands besides U2 is Tree 63. This band has a CD called: 'The Life and Times of Absolute Truth'. I love Tree 63's music and find it so relevant to the times we live in. I have at least two CDs of this band and the other one is titled 'King of Kings' I got it for free after having subscribed to one of my favorite magazines called 'Truth'. I am sure by now you have figured out I have a fascination for the word 'truth'. True!!!! I do have a fascination for the word 'truth' but more importantly I have a fascination for the truth its self.

I guess the main reason being 'the truth' is what most of us are seeking. That's exactly why I work in the video and radio industry, to know the truth and make it known. What truth? You may ask. My answer is simple, the truth that I am referring to is the one that you seek in-order to make sense to life's questions. Questions ranging from the difficult like, 'What is the meaning of life?'. To simple questions like, 'Is is wrong to listen to a song that has swear words in it?' (Mmmmmmm....Come to think of it that might be a complicated question to some). Ultimately we are all seeking the truth one way or the other
and the truth is not 'out there' as we have been lead to believe. The truth is standing right in front of you almost tempted to slap you on the face because you looking past it.

"So what is the truth? If its standing right in front of me why can I not see it ???????" If you have read this article up to this point you might be asking those questions. Maybe you already know the answers. If you do know the answers to the 'truth' you need not bother visiting my site again. However if do not know it or you seek to have a deeper understanding of it and you have a passion to make the truth known, please do frequently check out my site and join me as we seek the truth so as to have a deeper understanding of it and make it known to the ignorant. The truth of 'The life and Times of Absolute Truth' is exactly the reason why I am working in the media industry. To make the truth known to masses as I seek it myself.

Please do support me in my work in any way possible in seeking and making the truth known. Thank you again for your prayers and support. Keep it Tight 4Real.