Friday, September 30, 2005

The End

SVP has finally come to an end and all the students have left to face new challenges of their lives. Cable Awards was grand as always. Thanks to each and everyone of you that came and from your feedback sounds like you had an awesome time.

It was fun doing cable Awards from an organizational side. I had fun...Mmmmmmmm was nervous that things would have gone wrong but hey... All turned out for the best so that was super cool.

One end marks a beginning. So while SVP has come to an end and my role as head of Production along with it. A new beginning dawns. As from next week I will be a student again doing the animation school. I am excited and slightly nervous. I hope all works out. We will see how this turns out.

It was good seeing all of you who came. Thanks for your prayers and support. I will throw in some Cable Awards pictures for you soon. Keep it Tight 4Real.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Almost at an End

This is our last week of SVP. This coming Saturday we are having the Cable Awards to sum up the school. One would expect things to be slowing down. However that is not the situation. On the contrary things are heating up as we speak (I mean as you read). Students are rounding up their projects. I am running like a headless chicken just to make sure everything goes according to plan. All the same I am loving it yet at the same time I can not wait to see SVP come to an end.

Next time I post a post it would be after Cable Awards. Unless if some unseen forces of the unknown prompt me to do so. Otherwise watch this spot for pictures and all that would have happen during Cable Awards.

KeeP It tiGht 4rEAL


Saturday, September 10, 2005


The School of Video Production(SVP) is slowly but surely coming to an end. As we speak the students are working on their last projects. This time they have been placed in teams of at least up to four people with specific roles. For example, Producer, Editor, Cameraman(or woman to be politically correct) and Script Writing. These are some of the roles that the students see themselves in after having going through an intensive time of studying and mastering the art of Videography and Film making.

In two weeks time we will be having SVP graduation popularly know as Cable Awards. I am looking forward with such excitement as we also celebrating ten years of this school running. I guess this is the only time I get to spot a tie as it is a black tie event. The Awards ceremony is taking place at the Baxter Theater. I will keep you posted or at least give you an account of what took place at these awards in my next post.

For now Keep it Tight 4Real.............