Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Life is Beautiful

Greetings earthling, well I guess to anyone who cares to read about the junk happening in my life (Oh!!! Junk is a good term.....Slang equivalent to cool. So don't cringe reading that). I have not posted an entry for a while. They are a combination of factors that have contributed to my lack of zeal in putting fingers on the keyboard and typing. I have been to Zimbabwe and came back. Worked on a couple of projects and mastered them. At the moment we running a Video Production School and I have been made to head the Post Production Department. At the same time I am working on projects that need to be finished before the second coming of Christ. Given the fact that no one 'knows the day or the hour' it could be any time. Hence the urgency with which I have to finish all my projects. So that obviously means my time to cope with all that I so wish I could do has been cut short. I have made it a point though that I at least strive to balance my life out in the midst of all this work. I absolutely love it.

So that in a nut shell has been my life in weeks that have gone by. So much has happened good and bad like we have come to know life to be. Hence I have been left to contemplate what life is. So much has come to my life all of which can now be deemed cliches. These are some of the cliches that have run in my mind on what life is:

Life is like a box is chocolate....(yea!! yea!! You probably know the rest)
Life is like a lemon, sour.
Life is wonderful.
Life sucks.
Life's a b#@&....(fill the gaps)
Life is a gift from God.
Life is not the amount of breathes you take but the moments that take your breathes away. (Got this one fron the movie 'Hitch' starring Will Smith)

Okay I guess you catch my drift. In other-words with so much happening within a space of 24 hrs in all the days that we spend in our lives. It is only natural that we go through so many conflicting emotions. That strangest thing though is we tend to focus on the negative feelings and forget the positive. Looking at my own life I guess I can only come to one conclusion on what life is despite the negative that clouds the positive from time to time. That conclusion being: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. If you have watched a movie with that title (Starring Roberto Benigni) I am sure that despite its tragic ending you left gasping these words, "Life is Beautiful". Thank you again for your support and your prayers. I greatly appreciate them. God Bless and Keep it Tight 4Real....