Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Global Day of Prayer a Success

This Sunday the 15th (which also happened to be Pentecostal Sunday) was the Global Day of Prayer. Yep!!!! The world humbled its self before God and prayed. What an awesome feeling knowing that I was part of a prayer movement that started here in Cape Town and spread like a wild fire through out Africa over the last five years has gone global am so blessed to know I am part of his historic occasion.

Its so funny because when one is seating in the editing suite and working on documenting all prayer events that have transpired across Africa you are so unaware of the bigger picture. Well on Sunday the 15th as the world prayed the picture became much more clearer to me. I was at Newlands stadium with the rest of at least 30 000 over of other people who came to pray. I had the privileged of seating in the media suite as it all happened. So I could see what was happening on the TV and of course the live event at the stadium. It was so heart warming watching some of the inserts that we as Media Village packaged for the live broadcast that was beamed to the world on different TV channels. It goes to show that one can play a big part in the transformation of God's people in this world.

I had the honor of being invited to an early breakfast the day after the prayer event with Graham Power. Graham Power is the man who had the vision of having people pray for their land. His vision has since (as already indicated) spread from a stadium in Cape Town, to the rest of South Africa, then Africa itself and now the whole globe. It was so encouraging to her the statistics of people who prayed all over the world and how different parts of the world and community had been transformed. If you need more information and testimonials from various countries you can check out the website

Otherwise I am greatly honored to part of God's work and to be part of the Transformation process. God Bless you all. Thanks for you prayers and support. Keep it Tight 4Real.....

Friday, May 06, 2005

Flirting with SABC

Looks like at the moment we doing a lot of work for SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation. We still doing some work for one of the production houses commissioned to run a program called 3:16. This program is run on SABC 2 every Sunday at 9am. I have edited at least 3 inserts for them. Currently working on another which a story on Media Village and our Executive Producer,Diane Vermooten. Its always exciting to do small productions that will eventually be broadcast on TV.

The big productions which we are currently working on is on the massive prayer day (15 of May 2005). Transformation Africa prayer movement is going global this year. it promises to be one of the biggest prayer days ever. Not only are all African countries going to be involved but other countries around the world will be involve this time. Media Village is taking the responsibility of run the live broadcast on the actually day. This broadcast will go to various TV stations including SABC 2, TBN, God TV and so on. The broadcast will start at 1300 hrs so if you next to a TV set and you not in a prayer gathering you can watch it. It's such a great honour to be given the responsibility of be part of this day though Television work. However having the responsibility of running this broadcast spells one thing for Media Village stuff (or is it staff), it spells 'high levels of lunacy'. Its like a mad house this side as we edit various inserts that will be shown on the day. All other departments in the bulding are geared towards Transformation day. So we would greatly appreciate your prayers to this regard.

All the same thank you so much for your support. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks to those who have given me feed back. If you have any personal questions about anything do email me God Bless and Keep it Tight.